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Atriarch art, GDC plug, and Stratics downtime

I just posted this in Atriarch Stratics, so I figured I'd repost it here for the massive LiveJournal Atriarch community following (*snicker*):

Well, I haven't been able to post news for a few days, so one thing at a time:

MO makes developer comments

MO, Atriarch's head artist, posted some developer comments on Atriarch.com a few days ago. One of the most interesting points to me was that as Arc improves the engine, MO is given more slack with the amount of polygons he can use in his three dimensional art. Go read the rest at www.atriarch.com!

Atriarch gets more attention due to GDC

IGN Vault's GDC 2002 Report has a "highly positive account" of seeing Atriarch live. It stated that the most interesting part was the building process. Jonric, the author, also expressed his hopes that Atriarch will find a publisher due to GDC. Maybe it will!

Stratics network went through some downtime

As I'm sure most of you regular news readers have noticed, the Stratics network sustained some outages over the past week. In fact, none of us have been able to even post news since last Thursday. Nonetheless, Jhariden (the head Stratics guy) has stated that the problem is resolved, though he's looking for a new host.

In other Stratics news, our message boards have been upgraded! Enjoy the new features, nifty smileys, and slightly altered GUIs!

Finally, I just talked to Serafina on IRC. She told me and the guys in #atriarch that she's considering releasing the community calendar. However, she may not, since everyone will know if they "screw up and don't make it" on time. Have an opinion about this, or want to convince them otherwise? Then post on our boards! World Fusion actually reads them, believe it or not!
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