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Atriarch House of Commons on May 15th

A newspost I just made on Atriarch Stratics:

On Wednesday, May 15th, at 9 PM EST (-05:00), World Fusion, the developers of Atriarch, will have a live House of Commons (HoC) chat with fans on the Stratics network. The theme for this next week's HoC is going to be Construction and Housing.

For those of you that aren't familiar with HoCs: A House of Commons is a moderated chat session between players and developers. It's hosted by the Stratics staff, who will be taking questions (asked by the players live) and presenting them to the Atriarch developers. The developers will then answer them, or at least make a statement on them.

Use your favorite IRC client (most people like to use the mIRC chat program) and connect to one of the following servers:
- irc.stratics.dhp.com USA - Pennsylvania
- irc.frws.com USA - Colorado
- coldfront.gamers-irc.org USA - Oklahoma
- irc.truefear.net USA � Texas
- irc.stratics.com / irc.gamers-irc.org (re-routing to one of the above servers)
I would suggest coming a bit early - it'll allow you to spend some time thinking of the "best" questions, and give you a chance to ask your questions earlier. Also, the pre-HoC discussions are almost always incredibly interesting, as are the post-HoC discussions, so stick around, too!
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