Jesternym (jaruh) wrote in atriarch,

WF_Dev Sightings

The Official Atriarch site ( was updated a few times
in the last week with information about the recent GDC Conference and
another feature Developer Comment.

  • RPG-IGN feature of Atriarch

  • Interview Question request

  • Serafina discusses the state of the game

  • Serafina wants your input on the intersection between Game mechanics and

  • Serafina and Jaruh want your input on Group Skills

  • Serafina and Jaruh discuss Game Levels and Pathfinding

  • Jaruh asks for community input on when to hold debate-discussions with World Fusion

  • Serafina and Jaruh discuss Realistic Combat

  • Jaruh continues the discussion of Hero versus protagonist

  • Jaruh questions the attitude of Class versus Skill Propensities

  • Jaruh quells fears on past lack of information and future plans
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